This guy cheated!! (Are You Funnier Than A YouTuber)
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  • Mentally Unstable
    Mentally Unstable

    i cracked my knuckle at the same time as the ding so i got really scared for a split second

  • Yassen Rossen
    Yassen Rossen


  • Introvert Alexa
    Introvert Alexa

  • Zach Ashton Gornez
    Zach Ashton Gornez

    The thumbnail of this video should be the new pogchamp.

  • possom grey
    possom grey

    how long does gamer juice last?

  • Woyzing

    What did Danny do tho?

  • PeaceInTheCabe

    you know whats strange to me? jack has never been eliminated before.

  • Drake19995

    I mean it's still the biggest lead considering the closet was still further away

  • CocoaHere

    10:21 That didn't age well

  • Scratchy N’ scruffy
    Scratchy N’ scruffy

    1:34 no, that’s Drew’s catchfrase

  • CoolMan Yes
    CoolMan Yes

    wait how did danny cheat

  • Theo Jones
    Theo Jones

    You can cram the whole family in er'😂😂😂😂

  • Mark Metcalfe
    Mark Metcalfe

    wait how did Danny cheat

  • Oscy 7909
    Oscy 7909

    No me he enterado de que Dios no me ha pasado nada de lo que me he pasado en el mundo y me he pasado un poco de lo que he pasado en el mundo y me he pasado un poco de lo que he pasado en el mundo y me he pasado un poco de lo de mi padre en mi casa 🏡 was with my brother I didn’t even get the notification he said that I didn’t want it and he was just saying he didn’t know how I said I didn’t want you guys and he was just saying he didn’t know how I said I didn’t want you

    • Oscy 7909
      Oscy 7909

      I made a comment solely on keyboard suggestions

  • Eduardo da Silva Roque
    Eduardo da Silva Roque

    Hakuna matatta Hakuna matiddies

  • ethanchaotic

    wait how did danny cheat? I dont get it

  • Violet Forin
    Violet Forin


  • CAL

    yes jack. you are the funny

  • кобƐ

    For the “What’s your life motto?” Question Danny should’ve done: “Cheat, Beat, Repeat”

  • Elijah R
    Elijah R

    How did he cheat?

  • Pinged

    how did danny cheat lmao

  • Large peroep
    Large peroep

    the chin

  • Danny Flanagan
    Danny Flanagan

    Whoa! It’s a me!

    • ItsAnEmu

      You cheated lol

  • Snack

    Nice clickbait johns scenes

  • Michael McLean
    Michael McLean

    I like how the guy who cheated ended up winning

  • Tim Versmoren
    Tim Versmoren

    "Danny! You little stinker!" Drew! You little Greg!

  • The Crab Maestro
    The Crab Maestro

    This is technically just a comedy version of the weakest link

  • Meri Chimeri
    Meri Chimeri

    Why does John do a big reveal at the end, they already know they lost or won.

    • Pinged

      @Hugo Manrique joke obv

    • Hugo Manrique
      Hugo Manrique

      @Pinged joke or not?

    • Pinged


  • Ben Black
    Ben Black

    If I was oh no my balloon at 9:08 I would’ve had a heart attack.

  • I have no idea
    I have no idea


  • Sven


  • Victoria Stark
    Victoria Stark

    Best part was the glory dance with the pupper

  • Aurora

    Why does he look hot in this video. And I don’t mean his temperature...

  • Ian Kohn
    Ian Kohn

    8:16 I didn't know Jack liked "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?".

  • BoredBlaby

    “What can you say about your car, but not your girlfriend?” 18 is too old for me

  • BoredBlaby

    “What can you say about your car, but not your girlfriend?” She’s over 18 years old by now, I gotta get a new one

  • `Freckles-Kun`

    1:36 Jack uses Drew's Fandom name to describe Danny. Nobody else find that as a Coincidence? *Just Me-* 𝘌𝘩 𝘖𝘬𝘢𝘺. 𝘖𝘯𝘭𝘺 𝘮𝘺 𝘧𝘦𝘭𝘭𝘰𝘸 𝘎𝘳𝘦𝘨𝘴 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘑𝘰𝘬𝘦 :,(

  • matthew mckenzie
    matthew mckenzie

    isnt 5:35 a reference to the supermega epsiode of the misfits podcast?

  • * Woofle *
    * Woofle *

    You can tell if jack won, cuz he starts smiling and it’s hilarious.

  • emilie w
    emilie w

    john i really hope the clickbaity thumbnail and title were ironic

  • Ripuru The man
    Ripuru The man

    "Danny, you little stinker" They are the same person tho..


    I love this game show they need to bring this to tv

  • 11JG

    I did a thing like YIAY and asked how to get rich quick on my channel

  • Tyrawrian

    "this guy cheated!", Just like Katerino lol

  • The Asian guy7
    The Asian guy7

    How the hell did Danny cheat

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep

    Next: catching a child predator on are you funnier than a LV-homer

  • Cpt. Jones
    Cpt. Jones

    Danny cheated and won. Tremendous.

  • Swiss Idol
    Swiss Idol

    damn if he didn’t look like the biggest soyboy in the thumbnail wow

  • Ling Ling
    Ling Ling

    I need a Klondike

  • The Epic Life of Jacob
    The Epic Life of Jacob

    It's like Who's Line but worse

  • Who’s Whoosh and why is he everywhere
    Who’s Whoosh and why is he everywhere

    I can’t tell if the sound effect are post edited or made in real time

  • Martin Horsky
    Martin Horsky

    I learnt about shreksophone from this video, so Im glad

  • thussi thuss
    thussi thuss


  • somerandom

    my question is how did danny cheat

  • The New Kid in The Kingdom
    The New Kid in The Kingdom

    Ahh, I can finally relive Danny to pressure myself to ask if I can vote for another person’s submission if I get in AYFTAY.

  • Elfin Dreamer
    Elfin Dreamer

    At this point the game should be renamed to "Is A LV-homer Funnier Than His Audience" The answer is usually no

  • Wiktoria Chmielewska
    Wiktoria Chmielewska

    So, I don't know the rules, how did danny cheat?

  • Koro

    wait how did he cheat

  • asdf asdbn
    asdf asdbn

    He do be the internet funny man

  • Colonel in the bruhify army
    Colonel in the bruhify army

    Arthur: *fetch me the holy hand grenade*

  • James At
    James At

    Are knees attractive?

  • Bornobus

    how did danny cheat

  • vDnknDounuts -_-
    vDnknDounuts -_-

    Low key thought you where pewdiepie

  • Zeta Streams
    Zeta Streams

    More of these pls lol

  • PokemasterDude

    How did Danny cheat?

  • 0racl3s

    sir, x æ a-12 is pronounce kyle

  • HunterRichardsTV

    8:19 Yummy!

  • Athingamagoo Thingy
    Athingamagoo Thingy

    Is that Ori music at 5:22?

  • Personified Twinkie
    Personified Twinkie wut bwings us togevu...

  • Gak237

    A way you could make getting first more interesting could be the person who gets first in a round gets a shield that prevents them from getting knocked out in the next round, but you only get a shield when somebody is knocked out of the game so there's no chance of the game going on forever.

  • Mel T.
    Mel T.

    Aww crap, it's a pupper. I guess you have a new subscriber.

  • Dylan BUCHAN
    Dylan BUCHAN

    I thought he was gonna throw the dog at the end

  • internet boy
    internet boy

    5:42 misfits/supermega reference?? lol

  • Cameron O'Hare
    Cameron O'Hare

    Alright people maybe I'm just tired or maybe I just don't speak English as well as I thought I did did Danny cheat? I don't get it.

  • Jwkl vs the Universe
    Jwkl vs the Universe

    Rule of thumb to this game is: if it’s an incest joke, it’s probably Jack

  • Rita Pusateri
    Rita Pusateri

    Let's do this gamers :me: THERE ARE TO MUCH STUFF GOING ON THIS YEAR SCREW IT Ok gamers let's beat I'm up

  • CARl

    wabalaba dub dub

  • NyDat CoolGuy
    NyDat CoolGuy

    I was waiting for someone to put Corona Virus 2019 Model for the COVID-19 one

  • Oliver Strike
    Oliver Strike

    doesn't jack have a massive advantage with him coming up with the questions? Or is that not how it works?

  • Danielle Dua
    Danielle Dua

    You name is Dani. But with an I. I still screen recorded the go f yourself Dani and it’s now a Live Photo as my screen saver. Thanks Jack!

  • the Pink Kitty
    the Pink Kitty

    You can't expect to beat jack playing a game that's voted on by fans of his humor

  • Ladnavar

    that final answer was actually worthy af, since a youtuber would never think to be so humble lol

  • Elias Bernstein
    Elias Bernstein

    I'm confused. How exactly did danny cheat?

  • Jayden Gray
    Jayden Gray

    How did Danny cheat? I don't get it.

  • Koi Lynn
    Koi Lynn

    I'm so glad he's putting these on youtube

  • trickr

    im actually kind of confused. what did danny do to cheat? huh

  • Connie B
    Connie B

    How did Danny cheattt

  • Kaden Tudor
    Kaden Tudor

    what did Danny do?

  • Mirit Skeen
    Mirit Skeen

    the danny chronicles were incredible

  • Guillermo Streiger
    Guillermo Streiger

    Wait, how did he cheat?

  • Matthew Whitaker
    Matthew Whitaker

    How did he cheat?

  • Ellie Reckamp
    Ellie Reckamp

    when did john start clickbaiting

  • Cian GITTINS
    Cian GITTINS

    Does anyone know how the guy cheated?

  • Justin Bellman
    Justin Bellman

    "oh no my balloon" deserves ALL the credit for the sick Spider-Man 2 video game reference

  • Savvy714

  • Person Pacman
    Person Pacman

    Jack you know that people just vote for the one that they think wasn't written by you? Even if it isn't funny

  • Talia

    How to prevent spoilers: Kill everyone as they leave the theater

  • CBJB811 Fortnite and vlogs
    CBJB811 Fortnite and vlogs

    Can you do Alexander Hamilton 4

  • Piber _
    Piber _

    How did Danny cheated

  • Eloffski

    0:53 i only want white lil yachty

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